The type of coverage you must have on your car in order for the insurance company to pay for your glass is called comprehensive coverage, also known as having full coverage. The insurance company will pay if your claim goes over your deductible. Ninety five percent of people have a 250.00 or 500.00 deductible. That leaves the insurance company’s without having to pay for your glass. Agent’s set it up this way because there bonuses are paid on the least amount of claims. What an agent or your insurance company won’t tell you, unless you ask and I recommend you do, is that lowering your comprehensive deductible to 0.00 dollars will raise your six month policy about 40.00. That’s around seven dollars a month. Have you paid a deductible lately? Imagine how many years of a lower deductible you could have had. But don’t take my word, call your insurance company or call your agent. Remember you have two deductibles, collision and comprehensive. You only want to lower comprehensive. Some insurance company’s don’t offer a zero deductible but a 100.00 is way better than 250.00.

Finally, it is a California state law that says a insurance company may not raise your rates or drop you based on a comprehensive claim. It is a no fault claim.

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